Olympic Games 1912 Stockholm

5th Olympiad


Sports: 17

Events: 107

National Teams: 28

Participants: 2,409

Participation Medal

Olympic participation Medal 1912 Stockholm        Olympic participation Medal 1912 Stockholm

Available in 3 different versions
Material: Gold Weight: ? gr
Material: Silver Weight: 53 gr
Material: Bronze Weight: 55 gr
Version: Pewter Weight: 45 gr
Diameter: 51 mm Design by: Bertram Mackennal
Thickness: 5 mm Mint: Vaughton, England
Obverse: Quadriga with triumphant winner.
Reverse: Zeus seated on Ionian column holding figure of Nike, Stockholm in back.
  The Commemoration Medal 1912

In May, 1910, the Swedish Olympic Committee determined to issue a commemoration medal to be presented to the functionaries and competitors taking part in the Games, and resolved that the obverse of this medal should be the same as that of the Commemoration Medal of the London Games. After the Medal and Badge Committee had sent in several designs for the reverse, drawn by Mr. E. Lindberg, the Swedish Olympic Committee, at a meeting on the 20 February, 1911, settled the definite appearance of the medal in question. The Obverse, the permanent side, represents an classic Greek chariot drawn by four horses, in which stands two male figures, one the charioteer and the other the judge, ready to present the triumphant athlete with the palm of victory; the Reverse shows, on the capital of an Ionian column, Zeus, sitting in a chair of ancient form, and holding a figure of the Goddess of Victory in his hand. In the background can be seen the outlines of the Royal Palace of Stockholm, together with those of Helgeandsholmen Island and of the façade of the Riksdag House.

Regarding the distribution of the Commemoration Medal, of which 2 copies were made in gold, 50 in silver, 100 in bronze, and about 6,000 in oxidized and ordinary pewter, the Swedish Olympic Committee determined that the Commemoration Medal in gold should be presented to H. M. King Gustavus and to H. R. H. the Crown Prince of Sweden; in silver, to the members of the Swedish Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee; in bronze, to the Presidents of the Special Committees and to the Chairmen of the International Juries; in oxidized and ordinary pewter, to the other functionaries; to all the competitors that started in any event; to the staffs of all the offices of the Swedish Olympic Committee, and, finally, to all those persons, both at home and abroad, who had laboured for, and helped to further, the success of the Games.

(Sourse document:   Official Report 1912, page 161)


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