Olympic Games 1960 Rome

17th Olympiad


Sports: 19

Discipline: 150

National Teams: 83

Participants: 5,351

Participation Medal

Olympic Participation Medal  1960        Olympic Participation Medal  1960

Material: Bronze Weight: 78 gr
Diameter: 55 mm Design by: Prof. Emilio Greco
Thickness: 7 mm Mint: Bertoni of Milan
Obverse: Nude female torchbearer suberimposed over Olympic rings.
Reverse: Flight of eagles soaring over stadium of Rome

Medal in plastic case

Participation Diploma 1960 Rome

  The Commemorative Medal 1960

The commemorative medal of the Games was the work of Prof. Emilio Greco, who designed it according to his own personal ideas, avoiding any form of complicated symbolism and turning directly to the expressive clarity of a purely figurative style. On the face of the medal, the sculptor modelled a female nude running and bearing the Olympic torch with the Olympic rings in the background. On the back of the medal the artist depicted a flight of eagles rising from the Olympic Stadium of Rome and disappearing in the sky. This original conception at the same time symbolises the victories in the Olympic Games and their echo throughout the world.

( Source document:   Official Report 1960, Vol. I., page 306)


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