Olympic Games 1932 Los Angeles

10th Olympiad


Sports: 18

Events: 131

National Teams: 37

Participants: 1,921

Participation Medal

Olympic participation Medal 1932 Los Angeles        Olympic participation Medal 1932 Los Angeles

Material: Bronze Weight: 147 gr
Diameter: 69 mm Design by: Julio Kilenyi
Thickness: 6 mm Mint: Whitehead - Hoag, USA
Obverse: Standing athlete carrying unfurled banner of the Xth Olympiad.
Reverse: Two seated female figures upporting shield of the United States.

Presentation box 

   Commemorative Medals 1932: 

The design for the Commemorative Medals was produced by Julio Kilenyi of New York. On the face of the medallion is a figure representing the international athlete carrying the banner of the Xth Olympiad. On the reverse side are two figures supporting the shield of the United States. One of these figures is holding an olive branch and the other a shield bearing the seals of the State of California and of the City of Los Angeles. On the side is the California poppy, and on the margin, at the top, appear the words, "Los Angeles, California." The medals were of bronze.

(Source document:  Official Report 1932, page 331)


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