Olympic Games 1964 Tokyo

18th Olympiad


Sports: 21

Events: 163

National Teams: 93

Participants: 5,137

Participation Medal

Olympic Participation Medal  1964         Olympic Participation Medal  1964

Material: Copper Weight: 118 gr
Diameter: 61mm Design by: T. Okamoto / K. Tanaka
Thickness: 8 mm Mint: Mint Bureau of the Ministry of Finance
Obverse: Stylized figures of three runners and swimmer.
Reverse: Olympic rings dividing Englisch and Japanese legend in 6 lines

          participation medal olympic games 1964 tokyo

Presentation box

Participation Diploma 1964 Tokyo

  Commemoration medals for participation 1964

The face and the other side of these commemorative medals were designed by Messrs. Taro Okamoto and Kazumitsu Tanaka respctively. An athlete and a swimmer were placed on the leaves of olive on the face, while the other side carried the words of  "XVIII OLYMPIAD TOKYO 1964" and an Olympic Mark. A total of 17,000 medals were issued to the participating athletes and officials. It was made of copper finished in dark green in a size of 60 mm in diameter with 3 - 5 mm thickness cased in a wooden box.

(Source document:  Official Report 1964, Vol. 1, page 229)


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