Olympic Games 1924 Paris

8th Olympiad


Sports: 20

Events: 131

National Teams: 45

Participants: 3,256


poster olympic games 1924 paris

poster olympic games 1924 paris

Design by: 1st.= Jean Droit /
2nd.= Mr. Orsi
1.st. Size: 80 x 120 cm
Copies: 10.000
2nd. Size: 80 x 120 cm
Copies: 10.000


The poster naturally plays an important role in propaganda surrounding the Games.  Of the 150 projects submitted, the French Olympic Committee selected two: one by Mr. Jean Droit and the other by Mr. Orsi; 10,000 copies of each were printed in double Colombier format, or 0.80 cm x 1.20 cm. 
Of these 20,000 posters, 12,000 were sent abroad and distributed with the help of the National Olympic Committees, Sporting Federations and Olympic Associations, etc... In France, the posters were distributed by sporting establishments, theater and travel agencies, etc. 

Below, for information, is the breakdown of the posters distributed: 

National Olympic Committees 1,500
National Federations 2,000
Miscellaneous Sporting Committees 1,500
Newspapers 200
Stadiums 500
Ministers and Embassies in Paris 500
Prefectures, sub-prefectures and main city halls in France 2,000
Ship companies 1,000
Banks 1,000
Accredited Agencies 2,000
Tourist Bureaus 500
Circles and Clubs 100
Schools 300
Hotels, cafés and restaurants 1,000
Theaters, cinemas, circuses 500
French Embassies abroad 500
The Propaganda Bureau distributed 1,530
Posters sold in France 4,500
( Source document:   Official Report 1924, page 64 - only in french language-) 4,500


Other Olympic Official Poster: