Olympic Games 1924 Paris

8th Olympiad


Sports: 20

Events: 131

National Teams: 45

Participants: 3,256

Olympic Art Competition

You can read more about the Olympic Art Competition 1924 in the Official Report, page 601 - 615.
But the report is written only in french language.

The prizes were awarded as follows:

Designs for Town Planning:

1924 1st no prize was awarded
2nd Dezö Lauber and HUN Plan of stadium
Alfréd Hajós 
3rd Julien Médecin MON Stadium for Monte Carlo

Plan of stadium, Lauber and Hajos

Plan of stadium, Lauber and Hajos


1924 1st Konstantions Dimitriadis GRE Finnish Discus Thrower
2nd Francois Heldenstein LUX Toward the Olympic Games
3rd Claude-Léon Mascaux FRA Seven Sport Medals
3rd Jean Rene Gauguin DEN Boxer

Discus Thrower, Konstantions Dimitriadis

Discus Thrower, Konstantions Dimitriadis


1924 1st Jean Jacoby  LUX Three sport studies
2nd Jack Butler Yeats IRL Swimming
3rd Johannes van Hell NED Skating

Rugby, Jean Jacoby

Rugby, Jean Jacoby

Literature - All Kinds:

1924 1st Geo Charles FRA The Olympic Games
2nd Joseph Petersen DEN Euryale
2nd Margaret Stuart GBR Fencers` Song
3rd Oliver Gogarty IRL Ode to the Tailteann Games
3rd Charles Anthoine Gonnet FRA Face to Face with Olympia`s God

Skating, Johannes van Hell

Skating, Johannes van Hell

Merit for Alpinism:

1924 1st Charles Granville Bruce  GBR Mount Everest Expedition of 1922

Other Olympic art competition: