Olympic Games 1972 Munich

20th Olympiad


Sports: 23

Disciplines: 193

National Teams: 121

Participants: 7,113


diploma olympic games 1972 munich



Size: 28 x 30 cm
Design by: Otl Aicher
Printed by: unknown
Signed by: IOC President Avery Brundage and
Organising Committee President Willi Daume

The Certificates 1972
A few hours after the competition, the winners of the first six places received their certificates in the Olympic Village.

The OC gave the prescribed souvenir certificates and medals to all accredited team members, international referees, jury members and NOC members while they were still in Munich, a total of some 15,000 people. Both types of certificates were decorated with eye-catching rainbow colors.

(Official Report 1972, Vol. I, page 86)

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