Olympic Games 1972 Munich

20th Olympiad


Sports: 23

Disciplines: 193

National Teams: 121

Participants: 7,113


  Badges 1972

Badges for Personnel
All ID card holders and guests of honor in category G were given small metal badges with a pendant in the color of their ID cards. 
The following colors were used:
Category                                                           Color
Guest                                                                  Gold

National Olympic Committees
International sport organizations                     Silver

National Olympic Committee
Chiefs of delegation
OC executive board
Olympic Construction Company                      White

Referee Orange
Radio, television
Motion pictures                                                  Light  green

Team official                                                      Light blue

Olympic youth camp                                         Dark blue

These badges could not be used for admission to competition sites or other. Olympic facilities; they had value only as ornamentation or a souvenir. An exception were the badges of ID card holders in category A. They expressed the privileges of this group with respect to the control service.

These badges were issued only with passes. The OC issued about 28,000.

olympic games 1972 munich badge

Language Badges
Groups of persons who had frequent contact with visitors of the Olympic Games, such as hostesses, the security police, and service personnel, received language badges. Those languages in which the owner was verbally proficient were listed on the badge. In some cases name tags
were also used.

The OC extended this special service by providing Munich citizens who were proficient in language with these badges as well. The Munich newspapers solicited individuals and the extension services of the university offered additional language courses in preparation for the Olympics.

During the Olympic Games about 25,000 persons wore the language badges of the OC.

Other Badges
For the following specific groups of persons the OC furnished badges:
Fire Department
Doping control
Sales personnel
OC Executives
Security and control service (Office for Public Order)
Also, the name tags must not be forgotten.

(Text from:   Official Report 1972,   Vol. 1, page 321)

 List of all Official Badges 1972:

Chef de Mission
Guest, IOC
Guest, NOC
Guest, Press
Judge, Kamp.
Media, Film
Media, T.V.
Official, Mannschafts-offiziel
Organizing Committee, Vorstand
Participant, Athlet
Youth Camp

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