Olympic Games 1952 Helsinki

15th Olympiad


Sports: 17            National Teams: 69

Postage Stamps

4 special stamps were published.
First Day: Michel No 399 + 401 = 16. Nov 1951
Michel No 400 + 402 = 15. Feb 1952

Michel 399 Engraver
A. Lauren
A. Ronkanen
Michel 400 Engraver
B. Ekholm
T. Wirkkala
Michel 401 Engraver
B. Eckholm
G. Jysky
Michel 402 Engraver
B. Ekholm
T. Wirkkala

Value Colour / Discription Stanley
Gibbons No
Michel No          Edition
 12 + 2 M. red
 503 399        1.571.671
15 + 2 M. green
 504 400        1.615.341
20 + 3 M. blue
 505 401        1.369.365
25 + 4 M. brown
Olympic stadium
 506 402        1.380.778

stamps olympic games 1952

  Olympic Stamps 1952

Olympic postage stamps, values 20 and 12 Fmks, were on sale from Nov. 16th 1951. The emblem on the 20-mks stamp, designed by G. A. Jysky, was the Olympic Stadium. On the 12-mks stamp, designed by Aimo Ronkanen, the emblem was a swimmer in the act of diving.

On Feb. 15th 1952 25 and 15 mks stamps were issued, designed by Tapio Wirkkala, the emblems being, respectively, footballers and a runner. Two million stamps were issued for sale of each denomination. In addition 150 000 booklets containing four of all four stamps were printed. The booklets were on sale from May 15th 1952.

A special Olympic printer was used on all competition days for date stamping mail deposited in boxes reserved for the purpose at the General Post Office and the temporary post offices. According to custom, arrangements were made for philatelists to obtain first date-markings.

(Text from Official Report 1952, page 114)

21 different spezial postmarks are known

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