Olympic Games 1948 London

14th Olympiad


Sports: 17            National Teams: 59

Participation Medal

Olympic Participation Medal  1948 London         Olympic Participation Medal  1948 London

Diameter: 51 mm Design by: B. Mackennal / J. Pinches
Weight: 63 gr Mint: J. Pinches, England
Thickness: 5 mm Participants: 4,062
Obverse: City view of London over legend in three lines, Olympic rings below.
Reverse: Quadriga with triumphant winner dashing.

Presentation box

   Commemorative Medals 1948

The Executive Committee placed the production of the commemorative medals in the hands of Messrs. John Pinches, Ltd., and it was agreed by the Committee that the design of Sir Bertram Mackennal that was used for the 1908 Games should again be used for the obverse. The reverse bears the inscription " XIV Olympiad, London, 1948 " above the five rings of the International Olympic Committee and below a panel showing Big Ben and St. Stephen's Tower of the Palace of Westminster, a variation of the symbol of the XIV Olympiad. As every person entitled to a badge was also held to be entitled to a commemorative award, the numbers were related. The Executive Committee instructed the Technical Department to arrange the distribution of these and, chiefly for the purposes of identification, three types of box were designed to contain the awards, the definition being for the class of person to receive the medal.

( Source document:   Official Report 1948, page 76)

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