Olympic Games 1968 Tokyo

18th Olympiad


Sports: 20

Disciplines: 172

National Teams: 112

Participants: 5,558


poster olympic games 1968

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Design by: Pedro Ramirez Vázquez
Lance Wyman
Size: 82,5 x 82,5 cm
Copies: 2.120.000 of 159 posters

Posters were probably the most popular publications in the Olympic Identity Program.
They not only served to promote every aspect of the Games and the Cultural Program of the XIX Olympiad, but became coveted souvenirs. Alltogether, 2,120,000 copies of 159 posters were printed in 1968. 18 sports posters totaling 287,000 copies.

(Source document:   Official Report 1968, Vol. 2, page 298 + 318)

poster olympic games 1968

poster olympic games 1968

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