Olympic Art Competitions 1912 - 1948

Art Competitions were held at the Olympics 1912 to 1948. The winners of the competitions were awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals, similar to the winners of the athletic competitions. The events were inspired by Pierre de Coubertin, who wished to meld the competitions in sports with competitions in the arts. The art competions were dropped from the Olympic program because of the difficulty of determining the amateur status of the artists. 

Architectural Designs:

1928 1st Jan Wils NED Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam
2nd Ejnar Mindedal Rasmussen DEN  Swimming pool in Ollerup
3rd Jacques Georges Lambert  FRA  The Versailles Stadium
1932 1st Gustave Saacke + FRA Circus for Bullfights
Pierre Montenot +
Pierre Bailly 
2nd  John Russel Pope  USA Design for the Payne Whitney
3rd Richard Konwiarz GER Plan of Silesian race course
1936 1st Hermann Kutschera AUT Skiing Stadium
2nd Werner March GER Reich Stadium
3rd Herbert Kastinger + AUT Vienna Racing Courses
Hermann Stiegholzer
1948 1st Adolf Hoch  AUT Ski jumping hill on the Kobenzl
2nd Alfred Rinesch AUT Water Sports Centre in Carinthia
3rd Nils Olsson SWE Bath and Sporting Hall in Göteborg

Designs for Town Planning:

1912 1st Eugène-Edouard Monod  + SUI Building plan of a modern stadium
Alphonse Laverriére 
2nd no prize was awarded
3rd no prize was awarded
1920 1st no prize was awarded
2nd Holger Sinding-Larsen  NOR Building plan of a physical culture school
3rd no prize was awarded
1924 1st no prize was awarded
2nd Dezö Lauber + HUN Plan of stadium
Alfréd Hajós 
3rd Julien Médecin MON Stadium for Monte Carlo
1928 1st Adolf Hensel  GER The Nuremburg Stadium
2nd Jacques Georges Lambert FRA The Versailles Stadium
3rd Max Läuger GER The Hamburg City Park
1932 1st John Hughes  GBR Design for a sports and recreation centre with stadium for the city of Liverpool
2nd Jens Hovmoller Klemmensen DEN Design for a stadium and public park
3rd André Verbeke BEL Design for a Marathon Park
1936 1st Werner March + GER Reich Stadium
Walter March
2nd Charles Downing Lay USA Marine Park in Brooklyn
3rd Theodor Nußbaum GER Köln Town Plan and Sport Establishments
1948 1st Yrjö Lorentz Lindegren FIN Athletic Centr in Varkau
2nd Edy Knupfer + SUI Swiss Federal Sport and Gymnastics Training Centre
Werner Schindler
3rd Heikki Ilmari Niemeläinen FIN Athletic Centre in Kemi


1928 1st Edwin Grienauer AUT Medals
2nd Christiaan Hohannes van Hoef NED Olympic Medals
3rd Edwin Scharff GER Plaque
1932 1st Józef Klukowski  POL Sport Sculpture
2nd Frederick William Mac Monnies USA Lindbergh Medal
3rd Robert Tait McKenzie CAN Shield of the Athletes
1936 1st no prize was awarded
2nd Luciano Mercante  ITA Medals
3rd Jozue Dupon BEL Rding Plaques
1948 1st no prize was awarded
2nd Oscar Thiede AUT  Eight Sports Plaques
3rd Edwin Grienauer AUT Trophy for Rowing Competition


1936 1st Emil Sutor  GER Hurdle Runners
2nd Jósef Klukowski POL Football
3rd no prize was awarded
1948 1st no prize was awarded
2nd no prize was awarded
3rd Rosamund Fletcher GBR The end of the covert


1912 1st Walter Winans USA An American Trotter 
2nd Georges Dubois FRA Model of the entrance to a modern stadium
3rd no prize was awarded
1920 1st Albéric Collin  BEL Strength
2nd Simon Goossens BEL Skaters
3rd Alphonse De Cuyper Bel Shot Putter
1924 1st Konstantions Dimitriadis GRE Finnish Discus Thrower
2nd Francois Heldenstein LUX Toward the Olympic Games
3rd Claude-Léon Mascaux FRA Seven Sport Medals
3rd Jean Rene Gauguin DEN Boxer
1928 1st Paul Landowski  FRA Boxer
2nd Milo Martin SUI Athlete at Rest
3rd Renée Sintenis GER Footballer
1932 1st Mahonri Mackintosh Young  USA Knockout
2nd Miltiades Manno HUN Wrestling
3rd Jakub Obrovsky TCH Odyseus
1936 1st Farpi Vignoli ITA Two-wheeled Racing Car
2nd Arno Breker GER Decathlonist
3rd Stig Blomberg SWE Wrestling Children
1948 1st Gustaf Nordahl SWE Homage to Ling
2nd Chinatanomi Kar GBR The Stag
3rd Hubert Yencesse FRA Swimmer

Applied Graphics:

1936 1st Alex Walter Diggelmann SUI Poster "Arosa I"
2nd Alfred Hierl GER International Avus Race
3rd Stanislaw Ostoja-Chrostowski POL Yachting Club Charter
1948 1st no prize was awarded
2nd Alex Walter Diggelmann SUI Poster for World Cycling Championships
3rd Alex Walter Diggelmann SUI Poster for Ice Hockey World Championships

Drawings and Water-Colors:

1928 1st Jean Jacoby LUX Rugby
2nd Alexandre Virot FRA Football Player
3rd Wladyslaw Skoczylas POL Archer
1932 1st Lee Blair USA Rugby
2nd Percy Crosby USA Jackknife
3rd Gerhardus Westermann NED Horseman
1936 1st no prize was awarded
2nd Romano Dazzi ITA Four Fresco Patterns
3rd Shujaku Suzuki JPN Classic horse race in Japan

Other Graphics Arts:

1928 1st William Nicholson GBR Twelve branches of sport carved in wood
2nd Carl Moos SUI Poster "Athletics"
3rd Max Feldbauer GER Mailcoach
1932 1st Joseph Webster Golinkin USA  Leg Scissors
2nd Janina Konarska POL Stadium
3rd Joachim Karsch GER Baton passing
1936 not held
1948 1st Albert Decaris FRA Swimming pool
2nd John Copley GBR Polo players
3rd Walter Battiss RSA Seaside sport


1912 1st Giovanni Pellegrini  ITA Winter Sports
2nd no prize was awarded
3rd no prize was awarded
1920 1st no prize was awarded
2nd Henriette Brossin de Polanska FRA The Jump
3rd Alfred Ost BEL Football Player
1924 1st Jean Jacoby  LUX Three sport studies
2nd Jack Butler Yeats IRL Swimming
3rd Johannes van Hell NED Skating
1928 1st Isaäc Israels  NED The Red Rider
2nd Laura Knight GBR Boxers
3rd Walther Klemm GER Skating
1932 1st David Wallin  SWE At the Seaside of Arld
2nd Ruth Miller USA Struggle
3rd no prize was awarded
1936 1st no prize was awarded
2nd Rudolf Herman Eisenmenger AUT Runner in the Finish
3rd Tsuguharu Fujita JPN Ice Hockey
1948 1st Alfred Reginald Thomson GBR London Amateur Championships
2nd Giovanni Stradone ITA Cyclist
3rd Letitia Hamilton IRL Meath Hunt Point to Point Race

Dramatic Works:

1928 1st no prize was awarded
2nd Lauro Adolfo De Bossis  ITA Icarus
3rd no prize was awarded

Epic Works:

1928 1st Ferenc Mezö  HUN History of the Olympic Games
2nd Ernst Weiß GER Boetius von Orlamünde
3rd Carel Theodorus Scharten + NED The Fool in the Maremmen
Margo Scharten-Antink
1932 not held
1936 1st Urho Karhumäki  FIN Into Free Water
2nd Wilhelm Ehmer GER Around the Peak of the World
3rd Jan Parandowski POL The Olympic Discus
1948 1st Gianni Stuparich ITA The Cave
2nd Joseph Petersen DEN The Olympic Champion
3rd Eva Földes HUN  The Will of Youth

Literature - All Kinds:

1912 1st Pierre Frédi Baron de Coubertin FRA Ode to Sport
2nd no prize was awarded
3rd no prize was awarded
1920 1st Raniero Nicolai ITA Olympic Songs
2nd Andrea Theodore Cook GBR Olympic Games of Antwerp
3rd Maurice Bladel BEL The Praise of the Gods
1924 1st Geo-Charles FRA The Olympic Games
2nd Joseph Petersen DEN Euryale
2nd Margaret Stuart GBR Fencers` Song
3rd Oliver Gogarty IRL Ode to the Tailteann Games
3rd Charles Anthoine Gonnet FRA Face to Face with Olympia`s God
1932 1st Paul Bauer GER The Struggle with the Himalaya
2nd Joseph Petersen DEN The Argonauts
3rd no prize was awarded
1936 event discontinued


1928 1st Kazimierz Wierzynski  POL Olympic Laurels
2nd Rudolf Georg Binding GER Rider`s Instructions to his Lover
3rd Christian Johannes Weltzer DEN Heroic Symphony
1932 not held
1936 1st Felix Dhünen-Sondinger GER The Runner
2nd Bruno Fattori ITA Azzurri Faces
1948 1st Aale Maria Tynni  FIN Laurel of Hellas
2nd Ernst van Heerden RSA Six poems
3rd Gilbert Prouteau FRA Rhytm of the Stadium

Compositions for One Instrument:

1948 1st no prize was awarded
2nd John Jacob Weinzweig  CAN Divertimenti for  soloflute and strings
3rd Sergio Lauricella ITA Toccata for piano

Compositions for Orchestra of All Kinds:

1928 1st no prize was awarded
2nd no prize was awarded
3rd Rudolph Hermann Simonsen DEN Symphony No. 2 "Hellas"
1932 not held
1936 1st Werner Egk  GER Festive Music for the
2nd Lino Liviabella ITA The Victor
3rd Jaroslav Kricka TCH Mountain Melodies
1948 1st Zbigniew Turski POL Olympic Symphony
2nd Kalervo Tuukkanen FIN Bear Hunt
3rd Erling Brene DEN Vigour

Compositions of Songs for Soloist or Choir,
with or Without Instrumental Accompaniment:

1936 1st Paul Höffer GER Olympic Oath
2nd Kurt Thomas GER Cantata for the 1936 Olympiad
3rd Harald Genzmer GER The Runner
1948 1st no prize was awarded
2nd no prize was awarded
3rd Gabriele Bianchi ITA Olympic Hymn

Music - All Kinds:

1912 1st Riccardo Barthelemy  ITA Olympic Triumphal March
2nd no prize was awarded
3rd no prize was awarded
1920 1st Georges Monier  BEL Olympic
2nd Oreste Riva ITA Olympic Triumphal March
3rd no prize was awarded
1924    -  1928 not held
1932 1st no prize was awarded
2nd Josef Suk TCH March "Into a New Life"
3rd no prize was awarded
1936 event discontinued

Merit for Aeronautics:

1936 1st Hermann Schreiber SUI Gliding Flight over the Alps

Merit for Alpinism:

1924 1st Charles Granville Buce  GBR Mount Everest Expedition of 1922
1932 1st Toni Schmid + GER First Ascension of the
Franz Schmid  Matterhorn North Side
1936 1st Hettie Dyhrenfurth + SUI Himalaya Expedition of
Günter Oskar Dyhrenfurth 1930 and 1931


Art Competitions, Alpinism and Aeronautics - Medals Won by Countries (1912 - 1948)

Pl. Nation Abbr. 1st 2nd 3rd Totals
1. Germany GER 8 7 9 24
2. Italy ITA 5 7 2 14
3. France FRA 5 4 5 14
4. Great Britain GBR 4 5 1 10
5. United States USA 4 5 0 9
6. Switzerland SUI 4 4 1 9
7. Austria AUT 3 3 3 9
8. Denmark DEN 0 5 4 9
9. Poland POL 3 2 3 8
10. Belgium BEL 2 1 5 8
11. The Netherlands NED 2 1 3 6
12. Finland FIN 3 1 1 5
13. Sweden SWE 2 0 2 4
14. Hungary  HUN 1 2 1 4
15. Luxembourg LUX 2 1 0 3
16. Ireland IRL 0 1 2 3
16. Czechoslovakia TCH 0 1 2 3
18. Canada CAN 0 1 1 2
18. South Africa RSA 0 1 1 2
20. Japan JPN 0 0 2 2
21. Greece GRE 1 0 0 1
22. Norway NOR 0 1 0 1
23. Monaco MON 0 0 1 1
49 53 49 151