Olympic Charter

Rule 53
Olympic Identity and Accreditation Card -
Rights attached thereto

1. The Olympic identity and accreditation card is a document which establishes the identity
    of its holder and confers upon the latter the right to take part in the Olympic Games.
    Together with a passport or other official travel documents of the holder, the Olympic
    identity and accreditation card authorises entry into the country of the host city. It allows
    the holder to stay and perform his Olympic function for the duration of the Olympic
    Games, including a period not exceeding one month before and one month after the
    Olympic Games.

2. The Olympic identity and accreditation card is delivered, under the authority of the IOC,
    to persons eligible for accreditation. It gives access, to the degree necessary and as
    indicated thereon, to the sites, venues and events placed under the responsibility of the
    OCOG. The IOC Executive Board determines the persons entitled to such cards and the
    conditions applicable to their delivery. The OCOGs, IFs, NOCs and all other persons or
    parties concerned shall comply with the manuals, guides or guidelines, and all other
    instructions of the IOC Executive Board, in respect of all matters subject to this Rule.

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