Olympic Games Museum

Art Competition 1920 Antwerp

1912 Stockholm

1920 Antwerp

1924 Paris

1928 Amsterdam

1932 Los Angeles

1936 Berlin

1948 London

Summary 1912 - 1948

Designs for Town Planning:

1920 1st no prize was awarded
2nd Holger Sinding-Larsen  NOR Building plan of a physical culture school
3rd no prize was awarded


1920 1st Albéric Collin  BEL Strength
2nd Simon Goossens BEL Skaters
3rd Alphonse De Cuyper Bel Shot Putter


1920 1st no prize was awarded
2nd Henriette Brossin de Polanska FRA The Jump
3rd Alfred Ost BEL Football Player

Literature - All Kinds:

1920 1st Raniero Nicolai ITA Olympic Songs
2nd Andrea Theodore Cook GBR Olympic Games of Antwerp
3rd Maurice Bladel BEL The Praise of the Gods

Music - All Kinds:

1920 1st Georges Monier  BEL Olympic
2nd Oreste Riva ITA Olympic Triumphal March
3rd no prize was awarded


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